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Justify The Pope To Convert To Islam

Hot ball skidded wide range of information in circulation and declared that the Pope has embraced Islam also included with some evidence and one of them is by media images, which stated that the photo can be seen that the Pope was praying. Here is the photo.
But is the pope in the appearance of the photo was to pray? After browsing the information, finally the authors found evidence that the actual whale in the photo is not to pray, but the photo is the result of the capture of a video.

From the Video we can see that the above photo shows the Pope was not praying. In video footage can also be seen, the Pope is entering the Blue Mosque after taking off his shoes. Then the Pope seemed to pray with lips muttering and bowed his head alongside the muftis and imams Blue. At the time of the pope prayed that folded like a prayer. But the Pope did not do Takbir, bowing, prostrating, to greetings, just crossed while standing. Besides the pope's left hand was on his right hand, in which the actual prayer, right hand over left hand
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